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Money blocks and other Qs & As - part 1

In this 2 part blog series, I will endeavour to answer all the common questions I get asked during or after my online sessions and masterclasses.

Money blocks

Do you ever feel like you're doing all the right things to manifest wealth, but your bank account remains stubbornly unchanged?

Does speaking about money make you feel uncomfortable?

Picture this:

You're reading affirmations, visualising your dream life, and even creating a vision board that's practically an art masterpiece. Yet, the universe seems to have its own agenda and your bank balance isn't reflecting your efforts. Could it be that you're grappling with unconscious karmic money blocks?

This might be due to the energetic remnants of past lives influencing our current reality.

Allow me to explain.

Past Lives and Vows of Poverty

In previous lifetimes, society valued and often celebrated self-sacrifice and painted a picture of a virtuous life through poverty. Being hailed as selfless and frugal often came with a hidden price tag: financial struggles and a disconnect from the material world.

Some even took vows of poverty in the name of spirituality.

But guess what? That might be the very thing holding you back in this lifetime.Imagine being admired for your selflessness while your belly rumbles with hunger. It's a scenario that might have played out in past lives. Those vows of poverty that once seemed like the ultimate path to spirituality might be wreaking havoc on your present-day financial situation.

In many of our past lives, and perhaps even in this present life, we carry these echoes from one lifetime to the next.

It's not uncommon to receive applause and admiration for being selfless, for sacrificing our own needs in favour of others, and for leading a frugal existence.

We were told that this was our payoffthe affirmation that we were doing something noble and valuable.

At some point, this approach might have served us well in our journey of growth and evolution. However, today, it might not be serving us as effectively.

These beliefs may have been instilled in us subconsciously in our childhood and it is possible that we are playing out what our inner children have been conditioned to believe.

If you find yourself resonating with these scenarios, it's time to consider a shift. The past rewards of admiration and approval might have once sufficed, even if they meant struggling to survive.

But now, we're in a different chapter of our spiritual journey – a new classroom of life.

Imagine this lifetime as a classroom where we accumulate knowledge and experiences, just like moving from one school year to the next. It's time to release those vows of poverty that might have limited us and to open ourselves to the lessons of receiving. This involves recognising the spiritual value in allowing abundance to flow into our lives, a skill that might be unfamiliar and even uncomfortable.

If you're curious about your relationship with money and resonate with these themes, it might be time for some introspection.

*Do you ever catch yourself thinking that you're content without material wealth, or that spiritual superiority is tied to having less?

*Perhaps you've found yourself silently judging those who have financial success, questioning their intentions.

These signs are your secret clues that you're still holding on to those past vows of poverty, as if they're a badge of honour.

You find yourself being jealous and you find yourself comparing.

Perhaps you find solace in saying, “ well, I'm not like them.” ‘I'm somehow morally superior’ - then you may want to take a look at that because maybe that worked for you in a past life. But how is it working for you now?

You've got that moral ‘GO AWAY’ sign, up somewhere in your own subconscious mind and in your energetic field, then that money is going to ricochet off for you and go to those people that you are judging.

The truth is, harbouring these thoughts might be blocking the flow of money into your life.

It's as if your ego is seeking gratification through these thoughts, making you feel superior while unconsciously pushing abundance away. This barrier prevents you from embracing the energetic flow of abundance that the universe is eager to send your way. So let's not judge or even waste time.

Let's just get honest and review + scan your energetic field and ask yourself, “are you ready to be a beginner in this spiritual lesson of receiving?”

Do you have no resistance to having financial flow come your way without feeling guilty or without feeling shame?

Believe it or not, I have clients that I worked with who have been blessed with so much abundance (after decades of experiencing lack) and they can't enjoy it at all because they believe that they didn't suffer or struggle for it and they need to give it away to people less fortunate.

Shifting Perspectives for Abundance

So, where does that leave us?

It's time to graduate from that old classroom and embrace a new lesson: receiving.

Abundance is not the opposite of spirituality. Instead, it's a beautiful energy exchange that allows us to thrive in all aspects of life.

Think of it this way: Money is like energy/electricity. It flows where it's welcomed and finds a way around barriers. If you're available for that current to flow through you or if you shut that circuitry off, it's gonna flow elsewhere and it's not about you being morally better etc ~ it is just about the fact that you're available or you're not. When you shift your perspective and release any judgments about wealth, you're essentially opening the floodgates for all types of abundance.

It is time to shed those outdated beliefs and allow yourself to fully embrace abundance.

Releasing your past vows of poverty doesn't make you any less spiritual; it simply empowers you to experience the full spectrum of life's offerings.

If you struggle with wealth creation or manifesting abundance - consider what has been shared here and begin working on your subconscious mind .. it is the only place where you can reset things.

If you have found value in these blogs - like & share with your near and dear ones.

Much love,



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