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‘To reach out with love, to do your best and not be so concerned with results or outcomes - that’s the way to live.’

-Dr Brian Weiss



Dr Raveendran is the best at what she does.

I had an advanced hypnotherapy session with her recently for my people pleasing tendencies and lack of ability to draw boundaries.I was absolutely amazed at what I discovered during the session and afterward during our discussion.

I love her voice and the way she chooses her words for my audio recording. It is easy to listen to and although I’ve been advised to listen to it for 21 days,I am still listening to it after 2 months!

There is no evidence of people pleasing or other related issues that I struggled with.

Thank you for changing my life Savvi(Dr Raveendran)


Thank you Savvi for your help!

I am free of my low mood and procrastination. I used to find it difficult to get out of bed and do basic things for myself.

I had no faith that therapy would work to be honest but I am so glad my mother found you.

I am truly grateful to you for the session and that heavenly audio!

Thank you.


I am just writing to say my thanks!

Please don’t hesitate to work with Savvi,she really does work miracles.Atleast in my case.

I got rid of my money blocks! I never knew this was possible.

Highly recommend Savvi for money blocks sessions,you will not regret it.

Dr Michelle

I went to Savvi for burnout that I experienced at work. She got me immediately and put some measures in place even before the actual sessions.

I didn’t have much expectations from the hypnotherapy session but I was wrong.

I experienced deep shifts, I was emotional and next 2 days was difficult. Savvi was there for me when I needed her and that is priceless. She never left me without the right support or advice. She always was so warm, positive and authentic that it rubbed off on me.

My life has changed and it took only one session for this change.

I recommended my friends & family to her and will continue to do so.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


Thank you for making me a part of your fantastic program Savvi, it has changed my life!

I would recommend the Phoenix program to anyone who feels that they are stuck in their careers or life or even relationships.

Her program starts off quietly and gains momentum every week - it is such a beautiful experience and at the end, so many things get ‘aligned’ as Savvi says it.

One of the biggest thing for me was the sleep issue getting resolved by week two and we hadn’t even done the hypnotherapy at that stage. I have more energy to play with my daughter who is my world!

I was shocked at how intuitive she is. What I thought was the problem turned out not to be my issue. I understand my life and myself better because of her. I will forever be grateful to her for turning my life around for good.

I look forward to the 12 months of support that is available as part of this program.

Thank you Savvi, you’re a star!


Thank you Savvi for everything you do.

I cannot believe how much my life has changed since I reached out to you in October.

My wife & children had noticed positive changes even before I did.

Just grateful for your support during a difficult time.

Dr Reehal

I've now attended a couple of Savvi's Masterclasses, and each time,I've been blown away by the extent of her knowledge, the range of her experience and her generosity in sharing all that she has worked so hard to understand & apply.
I honestly didn't expect so much valuable information in such a short space of time.
Her authenticity during these classes is a clear indicator that she is one who has walked, and continues to walk her talk.
She has lived all that she teaches.
Her classes are amazing value.
Thanks Savvi.


I highly recommend Savvi if you are feeling stuck in your career or life.
I started my journey with her when I was at my lowest in life.
Nothing was going right in my life, including my long-term relationship.My career was at a stand still and I was extremely anxious.
During Savvi's Phoenix programme,I found many like-minded individuals which was a blessing.
Within weeks of joining the program,I was back to sleeping better and my physical health improved.
During the hypnotherapy sessions,I felt safe and completely understood.2 days following the therapy,I felt a strong feeling of letting go happening spontaneously and although it was not pleasant,I realised that it was the essential bit to my true healing.

I am now a confident, ambitious and self-assured person who is filled with self-compassion.I have only Savvi to thank for this transformation.
The phoenix programme lives up to its name!


I am one of the people who participated in Savvi's Phoenix program and its one of the best things I have done in 2022!

I struggled with anger issues and it reflected at work poorly.
I got so much more than what I paid for during her program.It had a great bunch of people and the program is very well built.The program is full of value and she needs to charge more for the value she provides!
I still haven't figured out how it worked for me but the result of it is that I am extremely grounded at work, I have been promoted to a higher managerial level, my family and other relatives have noticed a big positive change in me in that I am clear in my thinking and actions.
I feel like she has transformed me in some way and I cant put a finger on what exactly it is.

I am extremely pleased to give her this review as she deserves the feedback for transforming so many people's lives.During the program,I have seen others improve their mental health right before my eyes.
Well done Savvi, I appreciate everything you did for me.


I cannot recommend Savvi's hypnotherapy service enough!
The Phoenix program is an absolute game-changer and it was the best investment of my life!

I came in struggling with anxiety and self-doubt and I left feeling confident, empowered and ready to take on the world.
Savvi is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable and she truly cares about her clients. Thank you, Savvi, for helping me transform my life!

Ryan Miller

I have been to several hypnotherapists in the past, but Savvi is by far the best.
Her one on one Coaching is incredibly effective and the results are truly remarkable. I came in with a lot of self-doubt, negative self-talk, recurrent headaches, work-related stress and long standing insomnia.
After 2 months,I am feeling empowered, confident and (dare I say) healed!

Her sense of humour and ability to bring clarity to problems is what makes her so different.
She is intuitive and you have to experience this to believe - it was shocking how she knew exactly what my problem was and proceeded to skillfully eliminate it.
I have definitely never seen a doctor who is this good, there's something about her energy and vibe.

She is a warm, caring and knowledgeable practitioner and I recommend her to anyone who wants to transform their life for the better.She has transformed mine - I have been recently promoted at work and this was unimaginable 2 months ago.

Dr S Corcoran

If you're looking for a transformative experience, look no further than Dr Raveendran's service.
I went through the Phoenix programme and it exceeded all of my expectations. I was struggling with burn out.
Dr Raveendran is a gifted doc who creates a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for the group.
The programme is well-structured; full of valuable insights and tools.

I was sceptical initially but it was because I did not have faith in my ability to 'do the internal work'.She made it so easy and I am now reaping the benefits of this investment.I am a better leader, parent and person to be around.

I am so grateful for her guidance and support and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

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