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1. Phoenix program 

2-month program for leaders & professionals. Enrol for this if you feel stuck in your career, life or relationships.This program is conducted 3 times a year.Please email for enquiries and to be on the waiting list.

This result-oriented Signature program is a combination of weekly group coaching along-with individual hypnotherapy sessions tailored to your specific issues. 

In this program, you will go through ‘The ultimate 6-step life hack’:

Six easy steps to better sleep, more effective time management, improved dietary habits and physical health, a positive mindset, sustained motivation, and balanced energy.

It takes only 2 months of your entire life to bring about lasting, happy changes!!

2. Inner Child Mastery 

Personalised one-to-one 3-month inner child healing program.Suitable for anyone dealing with abandonment/rejection/people pleasing/Depression & Anxiety.

Some of the benefits of inner-child healing include:

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Improved relationships

  • Greater emotional stability

  • Increased sense of self-worth

  • Greater sense of purpose

  • More joy and happiness in life

3. Pinnacle program 

Women only program; A healing pathway to emotional freedom, health ,success in relationships & business/career.

Please arrange a consultation call for details or queries.

4. Rapid Transformational Therapy program

This is a specialised form of talking therapy which involves hypnotherapy and the best of neurolinguistic programming along with concepts from CBT.

It takes between 1-3 sessions to resolve various emotional,  & physical health issues.

This is the most popular and most effective service


The cost of one session: £499 which includes a one

month care plan and follow up support.

This is delivered ONLINE only.

Please note : This is not suitable for anyone with a history of epilepsy or psychotic illness.

5. Parenting Coach Consulting 

2 hour online consulting tailored to your parenting needs.

For best outcomes, we recommend an initial free 20 minute informal telephone chat.

6. Mindset Coaching & Consultations for business success.

Variable number of zoom/phone Consultations depending on your requirement.This service is specifically directed to help other hypnotherapists who own small businesses.

Every Mindset-Coaching call is  for 1 hour duration.

For more information, email

Our services

Dr. Savitha Raveendran's mission is to offer holistic solutions that deliver even better results without the need for unnecessary medications or years of traditional talk therapies. While she recognizes the value of medication in certain situations, she firmly believes in exploring less intrusive interventions first. Her goal is to empower you to tap into your own inner strength and resources.

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