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1.Burnout Recovery Blueprint program 

This 6-week Live online program for anyone who is experiencing burnout. Enrol for this if you feel stuck in your career, life or relationships.

This result-oriented Signature program is a combination of weekly group coaching along-with individual hypnotherapy sessions tailored to your specific issues. 

You will finish this feeling 'energised' , feeling 'well rested' (by week 3 your sleep will be restored) and with 'more clarity' than ever before to walk on your chosen path with 'confidence' dripping like a melting cone of icecream in summer.

There are 2 options: One-to-One work with me or enrol for the next group program.

First step: Submit your application

2. Inner Child Mastery 

Personalised one-to-one inner child healing program.Suitable for anyone dealing with abandonment/rejection/people pleasing/Depression & Anxiety.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Emotional Abandonment

  • Low self worth

  • People pleasing & self abandonment

  • Feeling Unloved

  • Tackling Shame and Guilt

  • Healthy Boundaries

  • Self esteem & Confidence

  • Detach from triggers & Co-dependency

3. Pinnacle program 

Women only program;

A healing pathway to emotional freedom, health ,success in relationships & business/career.

This is One-to-One high Ticket long-term commitment and investment.You will receive continuous access to me during this time.

I will support you though mentoring, therapy and Coaching for a period of 6 months - 1 year.

These premium places are limited to ONLY 4 spots/month.

Please arrange a consultation call for details or queries.

4. Rapid Transformational Therapy program

This is a specialised form of talking therapy which involves hypnotherapy and the best of neurolinguistic programming along with concepts from CBT.

It takes between 1-3 sessions to resolve various emotional,  & physical health issues.

This is the most popular and most effective service


The cost of one session: £499 which includes a one

month care plan and follow up support.

This is delivered ONLINE only.

Please note : This is not suitable for anyone with a history of epilepsy or psychotic illness.

Our services

Dr. Savitha Raveendran's mission is to help you create a life that is in alignment with your soul.

Her goal is to empower you to tap into your own inner strength and resources & she does this skillfully.

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