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Intuition..divine feminine - Part 2 of Qs & As

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

In this short blog, I will endeavour to answer two questions:

What is intuition and how can I develop it?

What is the true meaning of divine feminine?

What is shared here is my perspective on these topics and these two questions are interlinked.

To be open to your intuition = to be open to listening, but you're not listening for words.

You're listening for energy. You're listening for subtle dissonances .. you're listening for whether things feel true. We don't live as sensors in the world of right and wrong - because what's right for me may not be right for you. So we step into a third space and we live with the ‘frequency of what feels true for me’ for now, because intuition is a moment to moment tracking of energy as life is being created. It is fluid.

Begin to listen for energy and it’s NOT found in the head.. tune in to your gut & heart… which is where it is.

Intuition is a powerful inner compass that often whispers guidance to us, but in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we can easily overlook or dismiss its wisdom. Learning to recognise and trust your intuition can be a transformative journey that leads to better decision-making, improved relationships and a deeper connection to yourself.

Some ways you may be dismissing your intuition:

1. Gut Feelings: Have you ever had that "gut feeling" about a situation or a person? This sensation is one of the most common ways your intuition communicates with you. It's that inexplicable knot in your stomach, or conversely, a comforting warmth when you're on the right track. Whether it's a new job opportunity or a choice in a relationship, pay attention to your gut feelings – they're often a reliable indicator of what your intuition is saying. 2. Persistent Thoughts: Sometimes, your intuition sends you messages through persistent thoughts or ideas that keep coming back. These thoughts may seem random, but they could be your inner wisdom trying to get your attention. If a particular idea, solution, or direction keeps surfacing in your mind, consider exploring it further; it might hold the key to a decision you need to make. 3. Physical Sensations: Intuition isn't limited to thoughts and feelings; it can manifest as physical sensations too. Pay attention to how your body reacts in different situations. A racing heart, goosebumps, or a sense of calmness can all be signals from your intuition. For instance, if you feel a sense of ease and comfort around someone, it could indicate a positive connection. 4. Dreams and Symbols: Your subconscious mind often communicates through dreams and symbols. Have you ever woken up from a vivid dream with a strong feeling or message? Dreams can be a window into your intuition, providing insights into your fears, desires and unresolved issues. Keep a dream journal to decode these messages over time. 5. Synchronicities: Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences that seem to be guided by a higher force. They often occur when you're in sync with your intuition. Pay attention to serendipitous encounters, repeated numbers, or chance events that seem to align with your thoughts and intentions. These can be powerful signals that you're on the right path. So intuition is a very flexible, physical thing. So how open are you to that? (How many of you are members of the would-have, could-have, should-have club of lost opportunities? Where you felt the energy but your mind went into overdrive .. you know the minute you figure it out and in that minute you go to your head to start rationalising and start justifying it. You've lost your moment) When you have the courage to go beyond the intellect and feel the energy - know that what you’re feeling is real.That’s when you know that you’ve tapped into your intuition. (Courage is derived from a Latin word ‘cor’ which means heart.. to speak one’s mind by telling everyone one’s heart) To harness the power of your intuition, start by simply being more aware of these signs in your daily life. Keep a journal to record your experiences, thoughts and feelings associated with your intuition. Over time, you'll become more skilled at recognising and trusting this inner guidance. Your intuition (your divine feminine) is a precious gift that can lead you towards a more fulfilling and purposeful life. The divine feminine is not an abstract concept; it is a practical and transformative force that can be harnessed through your intuition... there is no separation & no real need to look for it in another. It may sometimes take a lifetime to balance out these energies within oneself.

Remember to love yourself irrespective of what is not yet balanced within.

Connections, relationships and community are very essential for our overall wellbeing but it means nothing if you want to escape being with yourself.

In reality, other people liking you is a bonus.You liking yourself is the real prize.

When you are tapped into your own higher self and your intuition - You will begin to trust yourself more.

This leads to more self love and self compassion which spills over to everyone around you.

And from that deep self love - comes true transformation because when you truly love yourself - you will not tolerate anything that harms you - junk food, alcohol, drugs, toxic work or life situations etc.

Trust your intuition, and you'll find that it is your ultimate guide on the journey of life.

With love,



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