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Why NOT to multitask!

So, the bills are washed, the laundry is paid, clothes are in the oven and the last load of dinner is in the dryer!! Who says I can’t multitask?!

Does your brain have too many tabs open?

There's one thing we need to understand about the human brain more than anything else. We can only consciously think about one thing at a time. The human brain has not significantly changed in 40,000 years and it is highly unlikely that it will change drastically in the next 100 years.

You could only think about one thing at once, but we have fallen for mass delusion. Any average individual now believes they can follow seven forms of media at the same time according to multiple surveys.

Imagine that we’re having a conversation and a text arrives on my phone.

It's one second to glance at my text… a friend is going out. And since you’re still talking,I have to refocus on you.

And it turns out, this refocusing takes a significant amount of your mental bandwidth and that's just one switch that I’ve explained.

Did you know that if you're interrupted, it takes on average 23 minutes to get back to the same level of focus you had prior to that interruption.

When you're switching your focus a lot, you begin to make mistakes, and then you have to go back and correct your mistakes that takes a certain amount of your time.

Another consequence you get when you switch tasks a lot is an effect on your memory.

To convert your experiences into memories takes a certain amount of mental power.

And that power is instead being deployed on constantly switching between things.

Actually, you just remember less of what you experience.Has that happened to you?

You've multitasked the whole day and when you reflect don't have a clear memory of the experiences you've had that day.

Another consequence of switching your focus constantly is that you become much less creative, because creativity requires the space to let your mind wander.

When you let your mind wander you think back over things without even feeling any effort to think back over the experiences you've had. You connect different things together & that's how new ideas pop! If your mind is jammed up with switching, you become significantly less creative.

Once you understand how vital it is to NOT multitask and the cost it has on your productivity, mental health ,memory & creativity ~ it will become clear that the best way forward is to focus on one task at a time & move forward once that has been ticked off.

'How to focus & effective goalsetting' is a part of the Phoenix Program that I have created which aims to help people who are struggling with being stuck/procrastinating to get their mojo back!

In this program,I also provide a number of tools to overcome time management issues,anxiety,perfectionism,self sabotage and much more.

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