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Scarcity vs Abundant mindset

What is an abundance mindset?

To understand this, we must first understand what scarcity mindset is and work on removing it.Be prepared to be triggered and as my Business coach says.. ‘being triggered is good - it will show you where you’ll need to work on so that you can finally move forward’.

If you have been saying or feeling or thinking these thoughts(below),you may be struggling with scarcity mindset or money blocks.

‘I don’t have the money for it’

‘I make money but nothing stays’

‘I can get it but cannot keep it’

‘Having money is not familiar.. we’re from a poor background’

‘I’m not experienced enough to be financially mature’

‘I’m not after money,money is not everything’

‘Having money means I’m greedy’

‘I’m spiritual,I shouldn’t ask for money’

‘I can buy that if I have the money’

‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’

‘Money is evil,cause of all the problems’ ‘More money = more problems’

‘I give but I’m not good at receiving’

‘I can never attract abundance’

‘Lack of confidence to deal with finances’

‘What will people think of me if I ask for money?’

‘Wealth is not available to me’

One of the most important things I’ve had to work on was to confidently charge my clients for my expertise,time and energy when I work with them.

Becoming an entrepreneur has not been easy,especially for someone who has always worked for a government organisation such as the NHS where you simply have to do your job and you’ll get your monthly paycheque.

Women in business have a few additional challenges.. but that discussion is for another day.

I’ve met some amazing people who have mentored me and I’ve learnt a lot about having an abundance mindset,I’ll share some of those here,let me know if it is useful:

1.Pay attention to the words you say to yourself.We usually manifest what we think,say or feel repeatedly.So if you have been saying that you don’t have enough (don’t have enough money,don’t have enough time,don’t have enough people in your life etc) then it usually becomes your reality.

2.Find your specific money block and get rid of it. Each person’s upbringing is different and therefore,each individual’s belief system is unique to himself/herself.. and this why what works for one person may not work for another.

3.Reflect on who you are surrounding yourself with.

There’s a saying that ‘you will become the 5 people you surround yourself with’.So if you are always in the company of pessimists,people with lack mentality,people who think you should give everything for free otherwise you’re greedy,people who constantly complain about not having abundance.. you will imbibe their mindset & therefore their reality.

In contrast,if you are interacting with people who have a growth mindset,those who discuss ideas and visions (instead of people),who are high vibing and are not afraid to share their ideas and help you grow - you will end up becoming successful and creating that reality for yourself.

Choose your 5 wisely.

4.Those with an abundance mindset are not afraid of copycats.

You’ll always find people copying those who are already successful and that’s okay.Do you find that someone is stealing your ideas and selling them as their own - and does that trigger you? That may also be scarcity mentality.Because a person with an abundance mindset knows that their knowledge and skills are limitless.. and it wont matter who copied them ~ they can never be YOU,they can never do things the way you do.You will always be the original one and it’s flattering to know that they think that you are better than them,therefore feel the need to copy.Move past this block real quick,it won’t serve you.

5.When people with good intentions receive abundance,they become channels through which humanity benefits.

If you have money,you can help others.. instead of giving 2-3£ for a charity every month,you can actually give hundreds or thousands and make a real difference to people who are truly struggling around the world.If you have enough.. you can start a charity organisation which caters to the needs of those who don’t have basic amenities or educate children or help vulnerable women.. the possibilities are endless.There’s nothing wrong in receiving from those who have and giving it to those who need.

6.Gratitude plays a big role in developing an abundance mindset.If you are aware of and thankful for what you already have - it is unlikely that you can say that ‘you don’t have enough’ in the same breath.Gratitude doesn’t mean being content and staying stuck wherever you are; it is just a feedback message to the Universe acknowledging that you can see your blessings.

Over the last few months,some of my friends have asked me how I approach my clients.

“ I approach them with honesty” - Since we are on the topic of money,lets talk about the investment clients need to make to access my services.The fee I charge is for my energy,education,experience,skills and time and if they cannot respect that.. they are not for me.

But let me be completely honest,I am notorious for saying no to clients who pay but are not motivated - if I sense that they are not motivated to change or will not do the work on themselves .. I refuse to waste my energy in that situation.I simply let go.That is just how I work and it doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon.Every time I say ‘no’ to those who are not aligned with me,I am making way for those who are in alignment with my energy.

‘Money is just energy’ and I believe, like everything in nature.. things work best when the scales are balanced. Like a breath.. which is also energy; there must be equal give and take in everything (not just in abundance).

So if you want abundance,be prepared to spend your money,love,joy.. and all other forms of abundance instead of saving it all up for a rainy day.Become a channel to receive and then give to those who need it.. but give with an unwavering confidence that you will always be abundant.

When you give,you shall receive.. as that is the law of nature.

With love & gratitude,



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