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Is RTT expensive?

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

So many people don’t have the money or the time to attend long-term therapy, and for some people, there is still a stigma attached to seeing a therapist or a psychiatrist.

RTT successfully changes so many variables.Read on to know more about my experience in this pioneering new modality.

RTT is designed to give permanent rapid results within a few sessions, replacing the need for continuous therapy, and many people experience dramatic empowering results very quickly.

As an example,let me share my experience of working with a client Piotr who struggled with insomnia for 13 years.When this client approached me and asked me if RTT could help him with this long standing issue - I said yes not knowing what was in store for us (therapist-client) along the course of this therapy.During the session,we addressed his insomnia and we successfully got to the root cause of this issue.It was meant to be a 2 hour session but it extended into well over 3 hours.Needless to say,it felt emotionally exhausting (for us both).Things about his relationship with his children,difficulties at work,transitioning into a new job,not being able to decide which country to finally settle down into .. all of this came up during the session.I sent him away with a powerful transformational,healing,bespoke hypnotic conditioning audio recording which he committed to listen to for 21 days atleast. Two days later,during follow up I must admit,I was slightly disappointed when he said that his sleep issues haven’t shifted and that he is still requiring sleep meds to aid him with his insomnia.I reassured him about the profound work that he did during the session & encouraged him to continue listening to the recording even though there were no obvious results yet.

On day 17,post-session I received a text from him saying that he slept for 6 hours for two consecutive nights - for the first time in 13 years.Over the following weeks I received more confirmation of how his life had transformed - all because of that one RTT session.

Not only was his sleep cycle back in sync,his relationship with his wife and children improved in very obvious ways - he was taking them to parks,went away on a holiday,networking more with friends,having dinner parties at home (none of which he was able to do previously due to lack of energy).He also informed that his anxiety levels were at an all time low even though we never addressed anything about anxiety in the session.He was now more confident about himself and his job transition happened effortlessly and he was kind enough to let me know that he would’ve normally been afraid of changes in general. So the ripple effect of sorting the root cause of his insomnia was that he was now leading a more fulfilling life with better sleep, better relationships, more confidence at work, less anxiety at the thought of any type of changes. This is what RTT does.This is how powerful & life-changing it is.

Another beautiful example which I will never forget is that of the lady Vini who approached me to help with improving her attention span,memory & concentration after having been diagnosed with ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder).This was not a new diagnosis.

She had a genuine worry if she could focus during the session and during the discovery call,she mentioned that she gets easily distracted by even the slightest thing.I remember her commenting on how nice my polka dot shirt looked on the day of the session.I quickly acknowledged that the dots could distract her and so I blurred my image and proceeded with the session.This helped her with minimising distractions. She engaged beautifully within the session (to her surprise!) and now a month after the session,has found focussing and concentrating on her studies is something that comes naturally to her.She has formed a little group of study buddies and is doing extremely well(something she was never confident to put herself forward for in the past).It is well over 21 days but she tells me that she continues listening to her audio because it is continuing to bring positive changes in other areas of her life.Her transformation is one that I will remember forever. “You changed my life,” - this is what I hear these days.This is what other RTTers are hearing from their clients too,not just me. I wake up everyday,content with the feeling that I was truly instrumental in helping another soul breath easy & I am truly grateful to have stumbled on RTT ~ this beautiful life changing therapy modality which is so much more than just a combination of the best principles of hypnotherapy,CBT,Neuro-Linguistic Programming.It is way more than just hypnotherapy.It is 30+ years of life’s work of the celebrity therapist Marisa Peer.It simply works! This is very different to more traditional therapies, such as counselling which frequently takes months or even years of weekly sessions before you start to see any progress. It helps to look at the RTT prices as an investment in yourself and the change you want to make,rather than the price per session approach which most people are used to. So,is RTT expensive? Let me answer that question with a few questions. How much does smoking or drinking for a year or holding onto addiction cost you? How much does it cost for you to buy more jewellery,clothes,bags,shoes or buy more gadgets or go on a holiday? How much do you spend on coffee for 6 months? How much would you spend on spas?

Some questions to reflect upon when considering how much Rapid Transformational therapy costs .....would be these : What are the real costs of your issue ? Probably way beyond any monetary figure; is your issue affecting your quality of life, your health, those that you love the most, keeping you stuck & stopping you from living life to your full potential? What is it worth for you to be free of this issue? Are you worth it?

With love & gratitude,


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