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Chakras and Healing

What are the Chakras?

The Sanskrit word Chakra means “Wheel of Energy."

The Chakra System is a flow of energy that runs through all of life, including you and I.

Ancient Vedic texts outline this Mystical Energy System, and many cultures throughout the ages have worked with this energy in a myriad of ways.

(Please note that I do not offer this form of energy healing as a part of my service but I can guide you to some experts in the area should you need help)

There are seven major energy centres that run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, that make up our primary Chakras.

These wheels of Light energy strongly influence our spiritual, mental, physical and emotional experience.

When our chakras are not aligned we experience fear, pain, lack and beyond.
When our Chakras are in alignment we feel amazing, confident and experience a flow of abundance and freedom in all forms.
The more aligned your chakras are, the higher quality of life you’ll have.

There are things that you can do for self-healing if you know which energy centre needs balancing.

Below is a small list of examples of the kinds of things that you can do without needing any specialist help or fancy equipment.

Root Chakra: To balance this chakra - plant your feet in the sand (walk barefoot on grass/earth),get a houseplant,Visit a conservatory,Spend time in nature.This is a Masculine chakra (Earth element) and is associated with safety,security,abundance etc and the foundation for the rest of the energy centres above it.

When this gets blocked we suffer from abandonment fears,financial/emotional/physical instability,reproductive problems,poor circulation,

Sacral Chakra:This is a Feminine centre all to do with creativity/creating/birthing/sex/emotions and its element is water.When in imbalance, one suffers from shame,guilt,anger with a tendency to remain stuck in life.addiction to substances and materialistic things,creative blocks,infertility,PMS.

To balance this spend time by water,Immerse in a bath,swimming,do a creative project.When in balance - creative expression flows easily,one can express feelings in a healthy way,success in maintaining relationships,able to recognise and trust in their own abundance.

Solar plexus Chakra: This chakra is Masculine and is associated with ones identity and personal power.When it is in balance, we are in touch with our inner power and peace.When imbalanced,one has trouble saying 'no' to people and therefore there is poor setting of boundaries which results in taking on more than one can handle resulting in burn out.Due to imbalance there are also control issues,low self esteem,lack of will power,chronic fatigue,fear of rejection,people pleasing,panic attacks,high blood pressure,liver problems.

Its element is Fire.

To balance this,spend time in the sun,exercise,activities that bring humour and laughter back.

Heart chakra: Feminine chakra,air element.It represents - love,self-love,centre for happiness,empathy,compassion,governs relationships.

When imbalanced it can manifest as difficulty with relationships, loneliness, lack of compassion and lack of empathy, hopelessness, allergies, isolation, depression, jealousy, fear of intimacy, being overly defensive. To balance this, bring air element into your life - drive with the windows down, spend time with a pet or animals, volunteer and get involved in a community.

Throat chakra: This chakra has all to do with self expression, loyalty, communication, life purpose and trust.When in imbalance - the individual is involved in gossip, telling lies, secrecy, talks too much, does not listen, overactive thinking.

To balance- one can journal, write poems, sing, listen to soothing music.

Third eye chakra: When in balance we experience deep spirituality, have access to higher intuition, connection to Universal energy, ability to observe chakras and auras.

When one raises their vibration to a very high level (peace, love, gratitude and happiness) then opening of this chakra manifests as a pleasant experience.Once this is activated, one becomes sensitive to the energies of others - both good and bad.Headaches or migraines may be experienced.Pineal gland becomes active and begins to function normally.Changes in sleep patterns also occurs during its activation.Dietary changes are common at this stage where individuals give up drinking (alcohol) and choose to eat foods that raise their vibration.

To balance this : Try vision boarding, meditate, do what you are called to do, keep a dream journal.

Crown chakra: This chakra connects us to our higher consciousness, is a gateway to spiritual wisdom, clarity and connection with the wider Universe.

When off balance, there may be difficulty to learn, rigid thoughts on religion, depression, constant confusion, fear of isolation/loneliness, lack of direction, Insomnia, recurring headaches, migraines, inability to set or maintain goals, anxiety, self destructive behaviours, nightmares, neurological disorders, delusional ideas, inability to empathise with others.

When in balance we live in the now with a strong level of trust in our inner guidance, theres also a sense of limitlessness, mindful presence, clarity, inspiration, oneness.

To balance: Meditative and spiritual practices like connecting to spiritual guides and ancestors, prayer, turning off TV, radio, electronic devises(yes!) in order to connect with nature/universe, affirmations, connecting to earth element(crystals),aromatherapy-essential oils etc

((I have only briefly outlined issues where these energy centres are blocked but there are a series of issues that can manifest when each of these chakras are overactive instead of being blocked.

(Disclaimer) Please do not use this to diagnose or treat people; this is for entertainment purposes only.))

Everything that you need to heal yourself is within you, the only element required is awareness.

Each one of us has a built in healer within us which can be activated anytime.

All one needs to do is to DECIDE to heal.

With love & gratitude,



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