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Awetism : spiritual perspective

Autism is a lifelong condition. Autism is sometimes referred to as a spectrum, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This post is not for educating people about the scientific aspect of autism,so please ignore the latest information about nomenclature.

They see, hear and feel the world differently to other people.I don’t have a child with this condition and I don’t specialise in this area but I have observed and have learnt a great deal from them.

(Disclaimer: I am not an expert in this area, I am just called to share my thoughts on this topic)

From a spiritual point of view, you may think why does my child have this horrible condition? Why my child? Why my family? Why should any child go through this?

These are my thoughts on this.. from a spiritual perspective.

I believe that everyone has a choice and every one of you who makes the decision to come forth into these physical bodies has full view of the physical body you're coming into before you are born.So no one gets trapped in a situation that is different from what they want.No exceptions to that.

There are powerful teachers, especially now who are coming forth, who have been from their non-physical vantage point, aware that there are so many humans who have forgotten about vibration and alignment ...who are disregarding their own guidance system & who are trying to make their life work by trying to control conditions.

And the teacher in you knows that anybody that's trying to make anything better by controlling conditions, is going to experience a life of futility because there will always be those conditions you can't control because it's not your job or your right or your ability to control what's going on in everybody's experience around you.

Dont skip,continue is good,I promise you.

Their lives are their lives to create and control. So a rather large numbers of energies may have come in deliberately wanting a physical condition that they can't be talked out of or demanded out of.

In other words, imagine that they say, I'll go forth and I'll be different enough that you can't pound this square peg into a round hole.
No matter how hard you try, you're not going to be able to control me, I'm going to be free.

So as you interact with them (if you get the wonderful experience of interacting with them) when they're not being challenged by a system that's trying to change them ~ you’ll notice that they’re happy being themselves.

Imagine how frustrating that would be (from the point of view of the soul).. to have a particular soul mission - to be different enough that people cannot control you and to be born from Source/God onto this planet to bring about a change in the way people deal with things and then to see that they’re still trying to control you.That is the frustration and outrage that you see in them.

If they were better with their words, they would say to you, “Wait a minute..I went through a lot of trouble to be different.You're supposed to leave me alone.”

From a Source energy perspective, it would probably go something like ‘I've decided that I'm going to take the powerful being that I am and go forth into a physical experience. And I'm going to be different enough that you can't control me which means I'm going to be one of the few people on the planet that you will ever meet that knows that I am free, because I choose freedom over your approval of me.’

And then we have a society that is embarrassed by them and is worried about them & is forever trying to ~ ‘we'll just find one more way that we can bring you to normalcy’.

And those children or adults are in an environment where somebody is now trying very hard to make them normal and will call it a disability...if they dont comply.

But for these autistic children & adults, they would call it an advantage that they are the way they are.Read on.. to find out why.

Imagine if they said to you - “We didn't want to be like you.That's why we chose to be different. We've come to offer a message that there is balance and value in our differences. We've come to teach unconditional love.”

Most people talk about unconditional love but they don't live it.

Most people say ‘oh you're so sweet,I love you’ under those conditions or say ‘you are so strange,I cannot love you’.

People say and feel that ‘if you were like this, it would be ever so kind to me because I want to love you.’

“And if you were more like that I would be able to love you”.

‘So just try to change a little bit so that I can feel better’.

But unconditional love says I want so much to be connected to Source that I will see whatever I'm looking at through the eyes of Source …which means I do not need you to be different or better so that I can feel better. I have the ability to adjust my gaze to align myself with source.

Conditional love says I will ask you to be the way I need you to be so that when I see you,I will feel better.Massive difference and contrast…can you see it yet?

Unconditional Love is absolute freedom. Conditional love is absolute bondage.

So these blessed beings have come forth as teachers of freedom… this is what I believe.

The most interesting thing of all is that they feel free..even when you try to control them.

Think of a conversation between an autistic child and their caregivers.. imagine if the child could communicate and articulate their feelings and thoughts ~ this is what I imagined it to be.

The people that are trying to get them to be different so that they themselves can feel better - the child says, ‘I don't know what your problem is?’

And the teacher or parent says ‘you're the problem’ and the child says ‘you kind of need to get over that because I can't change’.

“If you're going to interact with me you've got to discover unconditional love and when you do, you'll be free like me. And then maybe so many of us won't have to come forth autistic in order to teach this to you”.

Children with autism aren’t given to strong people always,they are given to ordinary,everyday people.

Raising a child with autism is not easy but I hope this post sparks a slightly different perspective in the way we see these beautiful children.

Watch them up close .. feel the joy of their being and tell them ‘you need not change a thing for me,I love you completely and unconditionally exactly the way you are’.

With love & gratitude,



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