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Are they gone? Your New Year resolutions?!

On average, only 8% of the population succeed in completely sticking to their resolutions until the end of the year.

Second Friday in January or some statistics show it is Jan 12th! For some others it is Jan 17th.One of these days is celebrated as ‘Quitters day’!

Ditching New Year’s resolutions has been a practice for almost as long as New Year’s resolutions themselves.

‘New Year, New Me anyone?’

Unfortunately, most of the time, New Year’s resolutions are as effective as pouring water into a colander.

Most probably because it takes at least a fortnight for people to realize that they don’t actually care all that much about the resolutions they have made, and don’t want to feel tied to them any longer.

But hear me out..

Where you will be in the next 6 months or next one year depends on the decisions and choices you make now.

In my line of work,I’ve heard all the excuses people give to not follow through with their plans.

After two years of slowing down (thanks to a pandemic) do you think this year you must give in to more slowing down?

If you have not made any goals for 2022, you still have time.. make some now.

And if you have indeed made some New Years resolutions,I have only one thing to say to you

~ Believe in yourself.

Go after your dreams!

Reflect on what is stopping you.

Want to get fit & healthy?

You want a new job,better pay,more financial freedom ~ take action towards it.

Want to loose weight? All you have to do is - to DECIDE to take action.

Want to pass those exams & get qualified? Do it.

You’ve been grieving and can’t seem to move ahead? Decide to seek help to overcome it.. that is your first step.

Want to give up smoking? It is possible.

Want more money? Work on your money mindset… start right now to see results later this year.

Want to do more volunteering? Go on.. do it.

Whatever your heart,mind and soul wants you to do,this is the year to get it done.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be in that 8% who didn’t give up.

Because I believe in myself.

Because I have slowed down enough over the last few years.

Because I know that my mission is to lead,and lead by example.

But most of all it is because I have two beautiful children & I am their role model.Children learn not by our opinions.. but by seeing our example.

Rest if you must, do not quit.

With love & gratitude always,



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