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6 tips to getting unstuck and moving forward

1.Get clarity on your life goals. There is a world of difference between a means Goal & an End goal. Eg:If you want to be a chef ~ ask yourself why you want to be a chef.If it is to become rich or because you received training in that field etc ~ that is a ‘means goal’. If on the other hand, your answer is : I want to be a chef because I feel happy when I cook,I love how my whole being lights up when I experiment + cook something unique & then serve it to people ~ that is an ‘end goal’. When people work with end goal in mind ~ success achieved is faster & sustained.

2.Focus on growth mindset Growth is one of the most powerful tools to help you experience the full spectrum of being human. But few people actually understand what it is. Your number one priority must actually be your personal growth. No,I don't mean the growth that happens sideways after you stop growing taller!

If your business fails, it doesn't matter. The question is ~ did you grow ..if your business hits a billion dollars/pounds/euros whatever, it doesn't matter. The question is - did you grow? Your business will grow to the capacity that you grow, your relationships will grow to the capacity that you grow. As long as growth is your number one thing everything else in life will get better and better. Everything else in your life elevates with you. So your job must be to grow so fast that your friends who haven't kept in touch have to get to know you all over again, every month! The growth formula I want you to keep in mind is this ~ set aside 30 minutes a day, every day for your growth.

That could help elevate you to the next level. Imagine how your life would be if you were committing 30 minutes a day everyday to your personal growth?

Many people say well, I'm too busy. But the thing is this - when you truly practice personal growth, busyness disappears.If you find yourself saying that you are too busy all the time - it is an indication of poor time management skills ... nothing else and therefore with the right strategies you can get rid of the busyness and begin to live a fulfilling life! People who get really good at this trend ..fend off overwhelming busyness. They learn skills that allow them to go into flow states so they're hyper productive. They learn speed learning. They learn how to increase the input - output of their brain so they process information faster. They put out information faster and thus, what might be a 50 hour workweek can get compressed to 35 hours. I found that that happened to me as I made personal growth my number one priority. At the very beginning, there was resistance because I had so many things to do. But the more I got into my personal growth, the more my ability to get things done accelerated. In my 8 week Phoenix programme, moving forward I teach an additional skill set.. which is ~ How to make this 30 minutes become such an integral part of your life that you look forward to it every day .. that you dive into it, and that it actually gives you time and doesn't take away from your time.

3.Identify your strengths

This has got to be one of the most essential things to do.

Put pen to paper (no gadgets; do it the old fashioned way as a number of areas in your brain lights up when you physically write on paper as opposed to typing into a phone/PC) This simple exercise of writing down your strengths will elevate your self esteem. You can choose to make a Self-Esteem Vision board that you can glance at to remind you of all your positives attributes. To succeed, you have to be prepared to clap for yourself.. because you cannot always expect others to applaud for you. Be your own cheerleader. 4.Invest time and energy to receive help

Investing in buying nice things for yourself.. be it a beautiful smelling shower gel or nice books/useful gadgets or spending money for your own self development ~ all boils down to one thing = self worth.

If a person’s self worth is high, they will choose only the best for themselves. Those struggling with low self worth issues will look for free samples/look for discount sales offers etc and call it ‘being prudent’. They never really experience the fullness of life as they remain in survival mode throughout their life.One can either be in survival mode or thriving mode ..not in both at the same time. 5.Focus on happiness

Happiness is a subjective experience and each one of us experience this differently. Most people don’t realise that happiness should not only be the end goal but is also the key to achieving any goal.

People manifest their goals & desires when they first feel happy.This might be difficult to explain but it is tied in to law of attraction. Simply put ~ high-vibing individuals find that it is easier to manifest their heart’s desire more easily than those stuck in a cycle of negativity. Having said that, it does not mean that one needs to ignore the reality of life. It helps to take a friend/family/therapist’s help to give you a different perspective on a situation that may be unpleasant/unhelpful. 6.Take aligned action

You can take aligned action, once you truly have worked out your end goal. If self sabotage or perfectionism or low confidence are issues ~ take action to overcome that first. For example, let's say the experience you want is to motorcycle across South America. Well, how would you like to grow? What actions would you take to make that a reality? You’ve got to get a biking licence. You might want to learn Spanish & you might want to learn about the geography/culture of South America etc.

Let me know if these were useful and get in touch with me if you want to work through anything that needs help with.

With Love & Gratitude,



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