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Why RTT after psychiatry?

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

This is my story. I originally qualified in medicine from one of the most prestigious medical schools in Asia. Then I trained in OBGYN initially as my speciality. I was appreciated by my patients & colleagues for the work I did on a daily basis,Thank you cards and letters of appreciation were all there but I didnt experience any job satisfaction.

So,I tried to change my speciality.

I applied and immediately got into rehabilitation medicine (completely different speciality to my first).

There I came across many patients who had psychiatric issues.. and as I spent time talking to them - I realised that I was learning from them a great deal & in turn helping them back to being their best self.For the first time in my career,I felt I was useful & it was clear that it wasn’t the rehab medicine bit that was giving me this. My colleagues were impressed and suggested & nudged me to try and train in psychiatry.

I then applied to several psychiatry jobs - 17 adverts to be precise.. and I never got invited for interviews as I had zero previous experience in Psychiatry! I had no clue why I wasn’t invited for interviews even though my resume looked perfect!

Then out of the blue I received one teeny tiny opportunity. They asked me why I wanted to do psychiatry (actually what they meant was why get into this speciality when clearly you are doing well exactly where you are)

I immediately realised the bias that was present within the medical community that Psychiatry was chosen only by those who didn’t succeed at other ‘mainstream’ specialities. I confronted this mentality within the interview and by the end of that interview, I was sure that I had spoilt my chances of securing that job because I was holding a mirror up to the people who were interviewing me!

Anyway, I got through the interview and got into formal run-through training in psychiatry.I actually got the job.On completion and even during training.. I felt that I was doing what I was destined to do but there was still something missing.. I didn’t know what it was.

As time passed, I realised that my approach to patients and their outcomes were slightly unconventional in that I was looking to treat people holistically in its truest sense. If a patient wanted to try reiki or acupuncture or any other alternative forms of therapy - I would encourage them to go ahead wholeheartedly.This approach didn’t make me very popular within my circle of medics.

Point is,I wasn’t happy that my ability to help certain patients ended abruptly as soon as I’ve prescribed medications. My job was to diagnose and prescribe.I would sometimes provide psycho-education pertaining to their condition - thats it.There was no real engagement with my patients and although I saw them recover from their illnesses,I never got to see them empowered or turning their life around completely.

I helped so many who were anxious, anorexic, depressed, psychotic, manic...the works. But there were so many people whom I could not help with my skills as a doctor and it broke my heart to see that they were trying their very best and still not seeing any results.

I was treating children and young adults but my scope to help them was limited.I could prescribe medications, maybe counsel them during the outpatient visit and then refer them to a psychologist for some sort of talk therapy(psychotherapy). All the best psychotherapists had long waiting lists and that meant that my patients had to wait forever to receive proper well rounded care.

This had to change; it wasn’t working and among other things,in the midst of it all - I suffered a burnout as a result of trying to do more than what I was designed to do!

Then one day I stumbled across RTT.. as I was watching some related YouTube videos. I hadn’t heard about Marisa Peer until then.

I felt immediately connected and dived straight in. I had been praying for something like this.. it was serendipitous!

As I embarked on this new journey, I had many doubts.. is this even scientific? Will this be seen as woo woo therapy? What will my community of medics think?

I was a doctor, not a therapist.. will I be able to do the talking that therapists do? So many doubts..

During my training in RTT, when I saw videos of how Marisa Peer healed years and years of trauma, negative mindset and even physical health conditions (that was a big one for me).. my science oriented brain didn’t believe it fully.I knew that she could do it but had little faith that I could do such profound work too.

Everyday, as I trained and ‘healed’ others through this new(hybrid) therapy modality, I noticed something profound happening ~ in the process of healing others, I was healing too .. and I didn’t know at the time that I needed healing too.My life changed, for good.

This wasn’t just some sort of talk therapy.. this was cutting edge neuroscience that was being taught by the legend herself! It can’t get better than this.

There’s absolutely nobody who doesn’t need healing on this planet,especially now.

It doesn’t matter if you’re rich, poor, healthy, ill, happy or sad - there is always something we can work on to become the best versions of ourselves and lead a truly fulfilling life. I was able to help my husband turn his already amazing life even more amazing.. just with one session of RTT!

He wanted to work on his success blocks and now 4 months later,I can say with confidence that anything that was stopping him from realising his full potential was removed permanently in that one session!

Today I am truly content .. every training I’ve received, every experience I’ve had till date..all the people whom I’ve had the privilege to meet and interact with.. has shaped who I have become.

I am a Doctor and a Psychiatrist to be specific and I am also a phenomenal Rapid Transformational Therapist who leads with her heart.

I deliver results for my clients ~ this is my life’s purpose.

I am home, finally.

With love & gratitude,



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