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Unlocking Your Throat Chakra: The Power of Expression and Intuition

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Today, let's delve into something that has the potential to empower and transform lives. Many of you might have heard about chakras, those swirling energy centers within us.

We're about to explore the magic of the throat chakra, which is so much more than just speaking your truth.

The Throat Chakra - More Than Words

The throat chakra isn't just about finding your voice; it's an energy and power center. When it's open and balanced, it offers you the incredible ability to not only express your innermost feelings and truths but also to truly listen and understand what others are communicating. It's like an antenna, tuned into the vibrations beneath the words.

You see, people aren't always great with words. Our thoughts often just tumble out, and it can be a bit of a talking-head show. But with an open throat chakra, you hear beyond the words. You catch the deeper meaning behind the chatter, the unspoken truths.

Unmasking Deceit and Tuning into Intuition

Another fantastic advantage of an open throat chakra is that it grants you the superpower of detecting when someone isn't being entirely truthful. Even more interesting, it allows you to understand why. You understand that their inability to communicate their truth might be due to their own inner chaos.

But the real gem here is how an open throat chakra supercharges your intuition. It connects your heart, throat, ears and third eye to refine your inner guidance. Your throat chakra acts as the bridge between the logical left brain and the creative right brain, between ego and spirit.

Symptoms of a Closed Throat Chakra

Conversely, when your throat chakra is closed, life can get pretty noisy in your head. You're bombarded with self-critical, insecure and competitive thoughts. It's like an internal battleground, and it often kickstarts the fight/flight/freeze response, leaving you feeling like you're on a perpetual merry-go-round.

Moreover, a closed throat chakra may lead to inauthentic expressions. You might become a people pleaser, shut down your feelings, or exhibit passive-aggressive behavior to reconcile the discrepancy between your words and emotions.

Anxiety often makes an appearance, as it's your mind's way of trying to control an uncontrollable future when your throat chakra is closed. It also disconnects you from your intuition, leaving you seeking external opinions to fill the void.

Awakening Your Throat Chakra

What's crucial is to recognise that fear is the culprit behind a closed throat chakra. To unblock it, start by acknowledging your emotions. You don't need to change or improve them, just name them without reacting.

Another fantastic way to open your throat chakra is to sing. Create a playlist that starts with songs expressing your frustrations and gradually moves toward happier tunes. Singing can be a powerful form of expression and release.

Humming also helps to loosen the energy and expand your throat chakra. And if you're into writing, jot down your feelings. The throat chakra and the heart chakra are interconnected, so as you open one, you help the other. Painting or coloring can also be therapeutic and creative outlets.

The Benefits of an Open Throat Chakra

When you unlock your throat chakra, you'll feel the energetic constipation lifting. You'll speak freely and listen deeply. Your intuition will sharpen and you might even experience a touch of telepathy, guiding you toward your desires. The ultimate gift is a quiet mind – a state of presence where authenticity reigns.

I help people through my extensive work in this area - complete with quiz to find which energy centres may be blocked, guiding them through audios and practical strategies to bring them back into complete alignment - where everything just flows.This is available to those who work with me one-to-one & if you need help and are open to this powerful modality of healing - get in touch.

So, open your throat chakra, embrace the freedom of expression and listen to the vibrations of your truth.

It's a joyful journey to a truer and more intuitive you.

Much love,



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