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Spirituality..Inner child.. and us!

In the West we talk a lot about the inner child work and the injured child. And I remember going to a group once which was intended to heal the inner child. There were this big box of toys and everything and everybody sat around playing with trucks and dolls! I didn't see the point of it.

Intuitively I knew that we are the injured children. It's not separate from us. It's not something that we can, kind of get into if we play with trucks and dolls and everything.

We actually are an expression of our inner child self in adult form. But we think we're reasonable, maybe intellectual, but actually, what will be running the show emotionally, is our inner child self, particularly our injured child self.

We're like that little two or three year old who had to take it on his or her ego..but we look like adults. I mean, sometimes you can really see this in politicians - You can see them just acting like a two year old you know why!

But in fact, all of us, even though we think we look & try to behave like balanced adults (although that might be rare nowadays) .. we really are an expression of our inner injured child.

Know that as a little foetus/baby, the child is already imprinted by the thoughts and feelings of the mum during pregnancy.The baby is already picking up on how happy the parents are towards it’s birth - whether he/she is really welcomed or not.

At the point of birth, we leave the familiar warmth and arrive in a world with fairly bright lights and into a noisy delivery room.And so the child gets like a jolt of reality ~ jolted to the vibration on the earth plane.

This is imprinted on our psyches, unless if you had parents who, maybe had a home birth and you were born in warm water and everybody was really happy around you, feeling fabulous and maybe your entry to life may have been softer, but most of us got a pretty stark beginning.

So then we're in the climate - you were in your family's climate just like me.And all families have certain parameters about what is allowed and what is not ... what is bad or good and we quickly pick up the cues that we learn.

Now, the reason a child learns so deeply is because children know ~ we know when we're little that we cannot function on our own, that if we're abandoned we will die.

That child you know, infact lots of children .. they look so happy.. at 18 months or 2 years but really what's going on inside them is this: ‘Oh, I have to give up my connection to my divine self, my eternal self and fit in to this emotional climate where I'm being raised by two asleep parents (because how many self realised parents are there? There are a few but that is unfortunately a minority)’

A child does that.

And at the same time, the child will feel this huge beneficent love in their hearts and awareness of their true nature. They will also feel their parents pain and want to help heal it.

So the child becomes emotionally burdened with the pain of the parents and that is the part where we recreate the pain our parents went through if we do not allow healing.This becomes quite clear when you really understand what happened to you.

And this is a human edition ~ we come here to be wounded and we have the choice in the course of our lives to open up to a soul healing, to reconnect with our divine nature or to just stay within the shell.The ego's shell.

And if we open up to divine guidance or our internal guidance, it seems scary in the short term but the ending will be good.

And when we hold on to our shell - we may look like we're real winners, but as our lives continue, the hollowness will show & it will be increasingly felt. And there'll be despair at the end which may feel inevitable, because we're away from our true path.. we’re here to achieve higher awareness.

We are divine beings in human form and we cannot get away from that.

I mean, we could stay asleep to it. But it's the true reality behind everything. So it's going to show up.

My point really is, if you can understand that you're still that little one inside and if you can develop some compassion for yourself ... some understanding about what happened to you - there may be a way out.Please, please don't try to be perfect.

Just put your arms around yourself in a kind of love embrace .. with forgiveness, understanding & a gentle, expansive understanding that whatever pain you're in right now, it is inevitable.

The decisions you've made, that have got you this far..were inevitable.

If on the other hand, you're genuinely happy & feeling really clear - well done.

Remember that we're divine beings .. having a human experience which is temporary.

We go about life as if our emotional IQ is very high.. in reality dare I say, it is not.

This understanding that even as adults we're still walking around with the same sadness or trouble or misunderstandings that we had as little ones - and if we really get can give yourself permission to heal.

In fact, you will start to feel that you really want to heal.. it will become necessary that you head towards your healing and this will bring us into a warmer world, a world with people of higher emotional IQ,a gentler world where each one of us, turns and moves into a compassionate understanding of ourselves, and then we can have compassion for others.

In ancient times, humankind was more bonded to nature and there was more sense of being connected to the great beyond to everything that created us.

And in our modern times, we've really developed our individuality and developed our problem solving ability (which is wonderful and needed now) but we have gone to an extreme of feeling separate from everything around us which we inherently have a need to return to.

It is important to learn how to bond with our own true natures, connect with the earth and connect with each other in a deeper, more loving way.

Not just superficially making contacts or just joining our groups etc

I mean, a real deep sense that, everybody else is part of everything that is (in the ancient Mayan language, the greeting basically was ‘Hello, another aspect of myself’)

Maybe we have to return to this now & this can be done.

It can be done through meditation, or done through loving somebody deeply.

It can be done through encountering a really wise person and spending time with them - real, authentic teachers or getting bodywork from somebody who is vibrationally high; who has a great capacity to love any of us ...and begin to return to our true selves.

And when you allow in, this ancient understanding I guarantee you, it will give you a lot of wisdom & strength.

As a happy side effect, your body will become healthier too.

Much love,



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