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My Therapy & Coaching business .. story so far

When I started out on a new journey,I knew only one thing - that I am going to disregard all the rules.Rules that I had been following all my life without putting any thought to it.

I also decided to stop judging myself - this was a big one.

I stopped seeing myself through the eyes of others.Saying that this took a lot of courage is an understatement!

I allowed my intuition & heart to guide me ~ I am so glad I did this.

My mission was to help people in a way that would first bring about self awareness, then gently instil motivation to create a desire to change their status quo.

Then the next step was to identify & eliminate anything that stood in the way of their success.

One of the most important rituals I do is to first figure out my client’s learning style ~ are they visual or more auditory or kinaesthetic or a combination of these.My evaluation begins from the moment I see or speak with them.. this they are unaware of.

I use NLP principles to gauge what they need & deliver it when they are ready to receive.

Why did I delve into this mode of healing?

Being a qualified Psychiatrist sounds great to most people but it was also quite restrictive.

There were only a limited number of things I could do to help my patients, not to mention the terrible health system lets people down at a time when they need help the most.

Now I am not just a doctor,I’m also a therapist who brings rapid sustained results through hypnotherapy.I am also trained in rapid inductions and Neuro-linguistic programming which gives my clients a variety of benefits.

The benefits of trying other modes of healing is priceless.. as a parent,I was able to help my own child get over spider phobia within minutes using NLP techniques recently.

Some clients don’t want to know the root cause of their issues & for such clients my sessions involve rapid inductions and using Neuro linguistic techniques to bring about changes.

What did I experience along the way?

At the start of my new therapy business,I was keen to work with everyone & that was my mistake.

I agreed to work with clients who could pay for my programme or therapy sessions.I ended up attracting a few clients who didn’t want to heal or change but were in the programme because of pressure from their family to seek help.

These were only a handful of clients but they drained my energy and made me doubt myself.

But I took the difficult decision to remove them from my programme and refunded a portion of their fees.

I learnt that my ideal client must want to invest their time & energy into their own healing - and that was a priority.Ability to pay & other variables were secondary.

The other thing I realised was that my clients needed continued support for a few months and that gave birth to my 8 week and 6 month programmes.I included weekly group Coaching sessions and created bespoke resources depending on the requirements of the individual clients.

For example,I included an additional module on ‘Parental guilt’ within the 8-week Phoenix programme because one of my clients was struggling with it.My clients challenge me and bring out the best in me.

Another client found it difficult to find ways to show Self Compassion to himself - that inspired me to create a Flip book/eBook with practical tips during depression or uncertainty about how to bring about more self compassion into our lives.

Here is the link to access this.If this does not let you download for whatever reason, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Ebook - selfcompassionduringdepression-1_6298b99b
Download PDF • 4.09MB

How did I get clients?

I’d like to explain one incident specifically.

During the early days,I had one enquiry from a lady who was pregnant.She approached me to seek help with getting rid of nightmares.

During our free 30 min discovery call,I unintentionally did something called RFPI (role, function, purpose & intention) which was one of the many tools of RTT(Rapid Transformational Therapy).

We agreed to go ahead with her session 2 days later.

On the day of her session,I learnt that this lady had stopped getting nightmares.

She had a few other minor things that she complained of but that did not require a full blown RTT session and therefore I told her that she didn’t my help anymore.I could have but I didn't go ahead with a session because her problem was already resolved.

I didn’t take any payment from her as I hadn’t given her a full session & she was grateful for it.

In the months following this, this lady had spoken of me to everyone she knew and I got clients by word of mouth through her! This was completely unexpected.She continues to be my raving fan and has been referring clients for the last one year.

This was a lesson on integrity.I chose to be honest with her and did not try to take advantage of her situation which paid off in unexpected ways for me.

All my clients come through word of mouth.

What did I learn from my clients?

My clients are my greatest teachers!

They’ve taught me to believe in myself.

Some of them have been through so much pain yet they were here with me showing courage to uncover their pain & work towards a better future.

My clients taught me that it’s okay to not be perfect.

They taught me to be accountable to myself.

They motivate me to keep my vibrational frequency high because their well being depends on it.

How did I continue to invest in my personal development?

If you look around, you’ll notice that some people keep investing on their self development.Ever wondered why they do this?

I believe that there are 2 types of people who continually invest in themselves.

One - those who struggle with ‘enough-ness’.

Not meaning to offend anyone but in this group of people, their motivation for self development comes from a feeling of lack within themselves.They tend to sign up for courses after courses because they don’t feel good enough or because imposter syndrome kicks in.They delay taking action by giving excuses that once this training is over - they’ll take action etc.They remain stuck but without self awareness of why they cannot take action.

Second - those who continually invest in self development and keep on taking action simultaneously.Their primary motivation is self growth & this is healthy.

Over the last 6 months,I have invested in learning about Rapid Hypnotic Inductions in hypnotherapy(which is not a part of RTT) and also took up classes on neurolinguistic programming.

My thirst for diving deeper into these modalities came directly as a way to problem solve certain issues that came up as i worked with my clients.

These two investments have directly helped improve my client’s experience and their results.So when they feel too traumatised to review their painful past..I don’t have to put them through it as I have so many other options to help them overcome their difficulties.

However,I must add that if it wasn't for Marisa Peer,I wouldn't have stumbled on this journey of self development..therefore every credit of what I have achieved truly goes to her.

What to expect in future?

Moving forward, you can expect mini courses on a wide range of topics which will be available to purchase from my website at affordable prices.My aim is to deliver affordable, easy to follow courses which can elevate your life experience across many different areas.This will suit those who don’t necessarily have a need to work with me directly.

What I don’t do?

You won’t find me luring you into signing up for another course or programme as a follow up of working with me.

For example: My clients who sign up for my 8 week programme - remain in my group with free follow up care for 12 months & beyond.They have access to all the weekly Coaching sessions I host for the entire year and so they are not forced to sign up for something else to receive continued support during recovery.

There are people who withhold some of their services in order to make more money and depend on clients re-signing their course/programme to sustain their business.I don’t do this.

This is another business rule that I have broken & I’m so glad I did.

Final thoughts:

When we experience trauma, our subconscious leaps in to protect us, but because it doesn't work in logic it often does it in the most irrational way. We pick up insecurities or negative self talk, phobias, fears… there are 1000s of variables.

It is very complicated no doubt, but if it's dealt well - this form of therapy is life changing.

3 areas I have unshakable confidence in ~

1.I am the best person to help you with your emotional/psychological issues.

2.I have 100% faith in my programmes - I believe in getting results & my services deliver.

3.I trust that the people I choose to work with are the best clients & I believe in their ability to succeed.

I have 100% confidence in my signature Phoenix programme.I’ve seen results over & over again with my clients and now I am better equipped to help anyone who is feeling down or feel stuck in their life.

I love that I decided to work on this niche area instead of choosing to help people earn more money (I still do help with that but it is not my primary goal)

The joy an entire family experiences when a client wakes up motivated, happy & with a ‘can do ‘ attitude is priceless for me.

This type of work ignites my soul & is my life purpose.

Most common questions asked thus far :

Q: Will I be able to go into hypnosis?

If you are capable of enjoying a good movie.. you are capable of going into trance.

Q: I have this problem for 20 years - will your therapy make it go away?

Yes, duration of your issue is insignificant.

Truth is that hypnotherapy is almost the secret of the rich & the famous .. those people have been using hypnosis for years!

It’s not just celebrities, rockstars or royalty who use hypnotherapy to up-level their life ~ this is now available to every single person.

Step into a better life.

Much Love & Gratitude,



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