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Inner Child Trauma - an insight & a story!

Here is a small list of some of the common triggers that a person can have & the hidden meanings of each of these triggers.

And once we understand the hidden meaning of a trigger, then we can begin to dissolve them.

Resentment shows you when your boundaries have been crossed or you have self abandoned

Raising your voice or speaking over is a sign of feeling unheard

Bitterness shows you where you're holding on to deep unresolved resentments

Guilt shows you where you're still living within another's expectations or need to forgive yourself

Judgement against others ~ show you where you judge yourself

Emotional discomfort shows when something doesn't align with you

Avoidance shows where there is unresolved trauma that is calling to be seen and tended to

Our triggers show us where we still have unresolved trauma within our body.

Rather than trying to ignore our triggers, or squash them down,I invite you to take a moment to take yourself through the process of working through them.

Let us explore another common Inner Child Trauma like ‘Rejection’

The core belief here is if they see the real me they'll reject me too.

Signs of an unhealed rejection trauma are:

1.You have a lingering fear of being rejected.

2.The idea of being open and vulnerable is really scary.

3.You may tend to reject others before they reject you.

4.You're hyper alert looking for signs you may be rejected.

5.You have a history of either being rejected or rejecting others.

6.You have a tendency to be guarded and struggle with vulnerability.

7.You're afraid that if people get to know the real you, they will reject you.

8.You unconsciously look for reasons to reject others, especially romantically. This prevents them from getting too close and truly seeing you.

The rejection trauma is extremely common and is related to experiencing emotional and physical disconnection (abandonment), usually in our earliest years, and almost nearly from a parent.

We experience and process the disconnection or abandonment as being a rejection of us & a rejection of who we are.

Like other inner child traumas, we tend to experience many more events throughout our life that further reinforced the original trauma.

Our traumas are magnetic, which is why it's so important to dissolve this trauma so we don't continue experiencing rejection going forward.

The rejection trauma limits us in every aspect of our life as it stops us from opening ourselves up for deep connection.

It stops us from putting ourselves out there in case we get rejected.

This goes for relationships, career, friendships, and trying new things.

Unresolved rejection keeps us small.

We also view our experiences through the lens of rejection and will perceive various experiences as rejections, even when they are not.

An unresolved rejection trauma will cause us to continue drawing in relationships where we end up being abandoned or rejected in some way.

Like other inner child traumas, rejection sits within the subconscious mind and along with a collection of limiting beliefs and patterns, such as those mentioned above.

When we heal our rejection trauma and related patterning, we feel infinitely more secure and confident within ourselves and within our self worth.

This expansion is reflected in every aspect of our life, especially the quality of our relationships, and how we feel within ourselves.

I'll leave you with something to think about..This is not a client story but a true story nevertheless.

Case study: 37 year old woman, who is survived by her husband and young child.This woman lost her biological mother before she turned 10 years old.Her care was transferred to her grandparents who raised her with all that they had.Her father remarried and had started another family without her.She was denied of parental love & affection from a very young age.

There was long standing trauma of neglect as a child for her.

It would be correct to assume that she craved unconditional love & affection that was missing for greater part of her childhood.This woman eloped with her neighbour (the first person who showed her some form of love) when she turned 18.She subsequently got cut off from her biological family altogether.The trauma she endured was not forgotten - but she was unaware of it.

For the next 13 years she struggled to fall pregnant inspite of being in a loving relationship.

Stop & think about this for a moment.

Her childhood trauma was so deeply engrained in her psyche and her body that it prevented her from conceiving a child - because of the subconscious fear of what that child might endure.

She disliked her childhood so much that she fought against giving birth to one..but because the conditioning was subconcious/unconscious - she was not consciously aware of it.

After rigorous treatments she finally did fall pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby whom she showered with the love that she never received.She passed away due to a medical condition.

My intention for sharing this story is simple.

This is just one story..there are many that I have known about.

We all have such subsconcious conditioning & belief systems which dictates all our actions, decisions and behaviours.

It is impossible to undo the past but the present is still in your hands to change.

If you are interested in doing any Inner Child Work, please contact my team here via the Contact page of this website and someone will get in touch with you.

These are the topics I cover during my 6 month program:

Emotional abandonment

Anxious attachment

Dismissive, avoidant attachment

Not good enough

Heal low self worth

Self abandonment and people pleasing

Feeling unloved and unlovable

Dissolving shame

Establish and uphold healthy boundaries

Speak your truth with confidence

Feeling safe, secure and protected

Heal past rejections

Much love,



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