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Inner child healing: the steps

You've heard of inner child work, and you're curious about what it could do for you. But you don't know where to start and you're afraid of doing something wrong.

If you're feeling lost, uncertain or stuck in life, then inner child healing may be just what you need. With the guidance of a professional like me, you'll be able to reclaim your joy, vitality and sense of wonder sooner than you think!

Self-compassion is something that many people struggle with. We often beat ourselves up for things that we did in the past or for things that are out of our control. This can result in feelings of guilt, shame, and anger. These feelings can be incredibly difficult to deal with, especially if they stem from childhood trauma.

Some of the things that can cause such profound and long-lasting change are childhood emotional neglect (absent parents), childhood abuse and shaming, and childhood abandonment. This can lead to difficulties in relationships, difficulties holding down jobs or maintaining long-term relationships, and mental health challenges such as anxiety, depression, and unresolved grief.

Inner child healing is a process that can help you to connect with your inner child and to understand the wounds that have been holding you back. This understanding can then be used to release the pain of the past and to create new patterns in your life. Some of the benefits of inner child healing include increased self-awareness, improved relationships, greater emotional stability, increased sense of self-worth, and more joy and happiness in life. 1. Recognize the Problem The first step to inner child healing is recognizing that you have a problem. If you experienced trauma in childhood, it's likely that you've been carrying around some emotional baggage for years. This can manifest in a variety of ways, including relationship problems, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. If you're not sure whether or not you have a problem, it's important to speak with a doc/therapist who can help you assess your situation. 2. Understand Your Feelings The second step to inner child healing is understanding your feelings. It's important to get in touch with the emotions that you're feeling in order to begin the healing process. This may involve journaling, talking to a therapist or participating in a support group. Once you're able to identify your feelings, you can start to work through them. 3. Forgive Yourself The third step to inner child healing is forgiving yourself. If you've been carrying around guilt or shame for years, it's time to let it go. Forgiving yourself will help you move on from the past and begin to heal emotionally. 4. Forgive Others The fourth step to inner child healing is forgiving others. If someone else was responsible for your trauma, it's important to forgive them in order to move on. This may be difficult, but it's an essential part of the healing process. 5. Make Amends The fifth step to inner child healing is making amends. If you've been holding onto resentment towards someone else, it's time to make things right. This may involve apologising, sending a letter, or making a phone call. The goal is to release the anger and hurt that you're holding onto so that you can begin to heal emotionally. 6. Set Boundaries The sixth step to inner child healing is setting boundaries. If you've been putting up with bad treatment from others, it's time to set some boundaries and start taking care of yourself. This may involve saying "no" more often, setting limits with friends and family or ending toxic relationships

Taking the time to heal your inner child can be one of the most powerful things you ever do for yourself and your family. This is because when our inner child is happy and healthy, that joy, vitality and sense of wonder spills over into our adult lives effortlessly.

If you're interested in exploring inner child healing, I offer a personal program that can help you reclaim joy, vitality and wonder in your life.

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